How to buy your first wig ☆ Cosplayer Edition ☆

How to buy your first wig ☆ Cosplayer Edition ☆

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Do you always end up in a rabbit hole of endless internet tabs and never decide? Well...Welcome to the club! 

Taking a step to buy a wig is usually easier to say than do. Constantly checking reviews, prices, color matching, temperature resistance, etc. It's a little bit overwhelming sometimes, right?

Well here are some quick tips you can take to clear your mind and get what you are looking for:

➊ Type of Hair/Fiber

Choose if you want a synthetic wig, a high-temperature synthetic wig, or a 100% human hair wig. This is a big step since it's mostly about your budget.

For example, human hair wigs are pretty expensive sometimes but you can style them with high-temperature tools and they look realistic (for everyday use).

Then High-Temperature Synthetic wigs are more affordable, and they can be styled up to a certain temperature point. Sometimes you have to take special care so they look more realistic, you can check how to do it here.

And normal synthetic wigs, which are the most affordable ones and are a little bit harder to style (not impossible) and they can be a hit or miss on the density.


Are you doing cosplay? Are you going to a party? Are you going to record yourself?

Well if you are cosplaying a special character the first thing you want do to is find the correct color for it. Once you find it you have to find a matching wig for it. You have to be careful since sometimes photos and monitor settings can change the original color. So you can always ask the shop or the seller (we have the Contact Us page always available for that)

If you are going to a party. You need to check where it's going to be held since some wigs can be pretty warm or get damaged if you don't prepare them for it. 

And lastly, if you are going to record yourself, what lights are you going to use? Some lights can change the wig color or add shine that it's not there. So you have to make sure that the color and the fiber will match your light and camera settings. 

➌ Style

Once you have the type of fiber and the color it's time to find the style! Are you going to style it yourself?

Always remember that styling will change according to what kind of fiber you are choosing. However, there are always ways to style every wig with a little bit of imagination but it will get harder if the fiber it's fragile. 

We have tons of different styles available, most of our already style wigs are in the Special Recipes Collection, but you can style all of them since most of them are high-temperature resistant. 

These are only a few steps you can take to make yourself feel more confident about your decisions. You can also check the size, the brand, or the shipping/return methods (in case you don't like it) We are ready to help you! No annoying returns here, we know the struggle. 

And that's it!

Ask us any questions on the Contact Us or email at if you are looking for more information about the wigs or a new wig request (which unlocks a discount for you if we add it to the store).

Hope you have a great week!


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