How to reduce the shine on your Wig ✔

How to reduce the shine on your Wig ✔

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Let's take a look at how to make your wig stop shining! Not all wigs are the same so you might have to try different methods to take it off and look more realistic.

I usually try to go for wigs with less shine and more hair since it's easy to style and modify. But If for some reason I can't find any affordable wig that has these requirements I try these methods:

Baking Soda and Softener Method:
Grab a big bowl where the wig can be submerged. Fill it with water and add 1/2 cup of baking soda. Mix until dissolved or when it feels soft in your hands. Put the wig in and press down gently. Leave it there for about 4 hours (or a little more). After that take it out of the water and rinse it. You can add conditioner to it or clothes softener and leave it for  (so you can brush it and style it later). Let it dry completely and see if it worked!
★ Baking Soda:
★ Softener:

baking soda bake powder

Dry or Colored Shampoo:
You can try finding a dry spray shampoo. That will take the shine off the wig. Or you can find a color spry shampoo (those leave-in ones) and spray it on top, it will add a layer of color and hide the shine.
★ Dry Shampoo $8:

spray hair shampoo bottle curly
Color with acrylics:
This is not a "go-to" method since sometimes it takes a little bit more work (but still looks fantastic after). In this one, you can pick a color slightly darker than the one you have and paint it over the wig. These will make your wig have a little bit of depth and not look so uniform and unrealistic. 

red paint wig acrylic
④ Baby Powder:
You can put some on top of the wig and move it around with your hands. Make sure you shake it enough so you don't get your clothes dirty.
★ Baby Powder:

wig shine hair baby powder
And that's it! Those are the ones I usually use. I know there is one with apple cider vinegar and another that it's putting into the laundry machine. I haven't tried those, so I'm not sure If the wig will survive or be damaged. If you tried any of those let me know! Or If you have any other method you want to share 


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