How to Wash a Synthetic Wig ♡

How to Wash a Synthetic Wig ♡

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We love our wigs! But after so many conventions and parties, they begin to wear off and do not feel the same as the first time we try them. Don't worry! Even though we know that not everything lasts forever, we can help our wigs last longer and enjoy them a little more.

One thing you can do (and it should be a must) it's clean them. Yes! You can wash your synthetic wig. And you should do it every 6-8 years, or every two to three weeks (depending on how often you use it).

First, get these items ready:

Brush your wig. You can use a wig brush.
★ Get an amazing comb with synthetic fiber and heat friendly:

➋ Use only shampoo and conditioner. There are special ones for wigs like:
Get a bundle for $15:

So here are some easy steps you can take to make your wig feel good as new!

➊ Soak

Fill your sink or a big bowl (enough to fit your wig) with water and add the shampoo. Soak your wig for at least five minutes or more if it needs to. Make sure you don't rub or twist it while you soak it. You can move it around gently so the water gets everywhere. 

➋ Clean

After the time passed make sure you dip it up and down in the water. If your wig has any strains or dirt you can use a toothbrush and gently rub it to take them away.


Rinse your wig carefully through the cool water. Try to be gentle so it doesn't tangle.


To restore the original pattern of the wig after the shampoo, you should use a conditioner. Refill the sink or the big bowl with cool water. Add one or two cups of conditioner. Dip in the wig softly and use your fingers to apply all the product with the water to the fibers.

➎ Rinse

Rinse through with cool water again. When you finish with the rinsing you will realize that the wig conditioner contains specially blended oils that soften dryness and bring out the luster and mobility of the fiber again.

➏ Dry

Pat the wig softly with a towel. Try to take as much water out of it as you can. Hang it loosely on a wig stand:
 Get an affordable wig stand:
★ Get a foam head:

Make sure it dries with a cool soft breeze at a dry room temperature. Do not brush it until completely dry to avoid breaking it. 

And that's it! ♡

I know it looks like a lot of work (and believe me it is) but you can do it! I hope this helps and see you next Monday! 

Hope you have a great week!


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