★ Adding Wefts to a Synthetic Wig ★

★ Adding Wefts to a Synthetic Wig ★

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I know how frustrating is to get a wig and then realize that is not full enough for your character hairstyle. Luckily most of our wigs have nice volume but you know, sometimes you need a little more!

You can try adding more hair with a hair topper or even sew it to the wig! There are multiple stores where you can buy them, or recycle old wigs for a new ones. So here is a guide on how to add wefts to your synthetic wig.

➊ Buying the Wefts/Hair Clips Extensions 

For this, you can search them on your usual marketplace. You can try to find the same shade that you already have, which is the easiest solution. But as we both know, anime or manga characters do not have usual hair colors (someone needs to be the main character, right?).

If you have a really specific shade, what you can do, is dye the extensions. If you buy human hair you dye them just like that. In my case, most of the wigs I own are synthetic, so doing that will make it look weird. So I buy synthetic white extensions. After that, you need to achieve the shade that matches your wig.

➋ Dying/Painting Your Hair Extensions 

After you find the extensions that work best for you it's time to find an Acrylic/Alcohol-Based Ink (36 set https://amzn.to/3fCS2hc 12 set $10 https://amzn.to/3UsCyLk) that matches your synthetic wig. And then you follow the steps in our guide on How To Dye A Synthetic Wig to achieve the color you are looking for.

➌ Sewing the Hair Extensions to the Wig ➌

Place your wig on your wig stand (https://amzn.to/3T7B9ZM). Secure it with pins to hold it steady.

Choose the area where you want the extensions to be. Make an opening with your hands, and clip back the hair to hold it so it doesn't mix with your extensions. Lay the extensions and clip or pin them to the wig.

Sew it to the wig with a straight needle and strong polyester thread. Be extremely careful since it can tear easily. Circulate the base surface in a side-to-side motion. Add as many as you like to achieve the volume you are looking for!

➍ Touch Ups ➍

Check if the color of the extensions goes well with the wig. You can always make color corrections with spray or acrylic paint. (Who's gonna know? No one gonna know). 

Brush the hair and arrange it to match the character or style you are looking for.

And that's it! ♡

You can always add a little bit of hair to your wig! Sometimes you can use this method to create color depth and have a color grading on your wig. You can use the same method to make a hair topper...What's that? We will teach you to make one next week! Stay tuned.

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