☀ How to Put a Wig on if You Have Long Hair ☀

☀ How to Put a Wig on if You Have Long Hair ☀

♡ Beautiful long hair, stay inside the wig cap ♡

A wig is a fantastic alternative if you want to experiment with different hairstyles and characters. But if you have long hair like me you must tuck long hair up beneath the wig while wearing one.

Check out these two easy methods to arrange your hair so your wig sits perfectly!


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➊ Method 1: Braids 


➊ Depending on how thick your hair is, divide it into two or four portions. Divide your hair along the center from front to back if it isn't too thick. Divide each side vertically into two portions if you have thicker hair so that you have four sections.

➋ Loosely braid each piece. Near the base of your head, begin the braids. You can begin each braid directly behind your ears if you're just doing two. Divide the hair into three sections: the left, the center, and the right. Make the center portion by crossing the right across it. Make the center of the section by moving the left over there. Continually switch between the two positions until you have braided the hair down. With a little hair tie, keep it in place.

Tip: Loose braids will make wrapping the braids around your head easier because you'll be doing that. Overly tight braiding might result in lumps under the wig.

➌ You should braid one time. Take one of the braids you just made and wrap it over the top of your head. Use a bobby pin to hold the braid in place. Once the entire braid is resting on your head, keep winding it up and toward the front of your head. To prevent the braid from showing through the wig's front, stop wrapping a few finger lengths from the front of your scalp. When the braid is completely wrapped, secure it in place with bobby pins all around the braid.

Tip: Maintain the braid as closely as you can to your head. Start with one of the rear braids if you have four braids.

➍ Place the additional braids around your head. Take the additional braid in the back and wrap it in the other way, tucking it beneath the initial braid. Just like the other braid, finish the wrap around the front by pinning it in place as you go using bobby pins.

TipDon't overlap braids, as that will create lumps. If you have 4 braids, wrap the other braids around your hair where they will fit and pin them in place. You can also use hair pins instead of bobby pins, which may help if you are having trouble getting your hair to stay in place, as they are a bit larger than bobby pins.

 Method 2: Cornrows ➋


➊ Divide the hair into several little rows, one at a time, using a comb. Using a tiny section of hair, draw a line from front to back along your scalp. Work your way across your head starting on one side. The hair portion should only be one to two inches wide.

➋ Divide the space into three tiny parts to start the cornrow braids. Start with one row at the front of your scalp, then divide it into three equal portions using only the front portion of the row. Transform the right portion into the center section by passing it underneath. Pass the left under the center, making that the section's center.

➌ On both sides of the braid, add hair. Pull in hair from the row you are working on in the right area. Additionally from the row, you're working on, add hair to the left side. Similar to a French braid, except with the hair being worked underneath the cornrows rather than over them.

➎ After finishing the section's braids, fasten them with a hair tie. Continue braiding the hair you've formed along the line. Make a standard braid the remainder of the way down, adding any remaining hair in the part at the base of your scalp to the braid. To secure it, use a little hair tie.

➏ Repeat throughout your scalp in tiny pieces. Continue to separate and braid little portions of your hair while moving from side to side. When you're done, the braids should be arranged into a series of orderly rows that extend from the crown of your head to your hairline's back. Each one is fastened with a hair tie.

➐ Your hair is braided; secure it with pins. Several tails should be twisted together, and they should be wrapped over the back of your head close to the scalp. Big bobby pins are used to secure them in place. Repeat the process with the remaining braid tails, being careful not to overlap them.

Tip: If the braid tails are thick, you can pin each one up separately.

➌ Finally: Wig 

➊ Get a wig hat and put it on. These typically have two holes, one of which has an elastic edge. To put the cap around your neck, insert your head through both openings. Reposition the cap so that when you draw it up, the elastic will be at the front of your scalp and the bulk of the cap will be on the back of your head.

➋ You should put the cap on your head. Pull the non-elastic side of the cap back up over your hair. Draw the hair to the back. Make cautious not to drag the elastic edge past your scalp's front while you do this.

➌ Hair should be tucked in front. After tucking your sideburns beneath the wig cap's front border with your fingers, pull the elastic portion behind your ears. Ensure that the front border is aligned with the front of your hair.
Use your fingers to tuck any loose hairs up beneath the wig if you use the other type of wig cap.

➍ Pull the wig cap's lower half up and over the back of your hair. Draw up the rear of the wig cap from the base of your head while keeping the elastic in place around the border of your scalp. The rear hole of the wig will be in your hand as the back end of the wig should lengthen as you draw up. Use bobby pins or a hair clip to fasten the cap's end at the crown of your head.
To put it another way, you'll cover the rear hole by drawing it out like a sock or stocking cap and securing the end to your head.

➎ Grab the wig and get ready to put it on your head. The elastic band around the edge of the wig may be extended using your fingers. Make sure your braids are all tucked below it as you pull them on over them. To secure the wig to your head, lift a few strands of the hair and insert bobby pins into the mesh. If you'd like, you may tape the wig's edge using double-sided fashion tape. 

➏ You can glue a wig on if you want to wear it for an extended period. You should, however, have a professional show you how if you've never done it before since you don't want the adhesive to get in your hair. To make sure you select the appropriate sort of glue, you could also ask the stylist for product recommendations.

And that's it! ♡


Follow these two methods and decide which one works best for you! If you try them make sure you tag us so we can see them. Stay tuned for next Monday's Blog! 

Hope you have a great week!


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