✧ How to Secure a Cosplay Wig ✧

✧ How to Secure a Cosplay Wig ✧

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You undoubtedly still worry that your wig will fall off, even with how frequently you've worn one. Secure hair is essential, whether you're in a day convention or just a few hours of presentation. Here are the tools you might need for this:

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So how does one fix a hat on a wig? There are several techniques to prevent your wig from falling away, so we've included our four favorites below:

Use a Wig Grip ➊

Using a wig grip is one of the most well-liked methods for holding down a wig. It is highly excellent at preventing a wig from slipping and is simple to put on. Whether you have a lot or very little natural hair, a 360 wig or lace frontal is a flexible solution. This one useful strip of fabric is a necessity for anyone wearing a wig.

The majority of wig grip bands are constructed from double-sided velvet to prevent fabric slippage. A flexible wig grip band encircles your head and fastens with velcro at the nape of your neck. It is a great way to keep a wig on without adhesives because it is simply adaptable for different head sizes.

When you use this you have to consider that the grip protects the edges of the wig, is washable, and protects your skin from the friction between the head and the lace; and also prevents pressure on your head that produces headaches. A con could be that the grip may become less elastic with time and won't keep the unit secure for a long time.

Clips and Bobby Pins for Added Security 

Nothing can keep your wig from moving like a nice, old-fashioned clip or bobby pin. For cosplayers with a lot of natural hair to secure, for quick hair touch-ups, or if the wig doesn't come with clips fitted, a handful of bobby pins are a useful tool.

Additionally, bobby pins stopped the excessive pulling that combs and adhesives may produce. Buy a lot of bobby pins that are similar to the color of your natural hair. Utilize them to secure loose hair, flat twists, and braids tight to your head. Using bobby pins, attach the unit to your hair, or braids, if you have any, after placing it on your head.

Wig clips are a wonderful option for wig stability over a long convention. Although many pieces already have clips attached, you can also add your own! When using pre-installed clips, all you need to do is set the device on your head and insert the clip or comb into your hair. To prevent the wig from moving, one must secure the hair firmly. If you have delicate skin, use clips and combs with caution. They can itch your skin or tug at your hair, which would result in irritation or hair loss. Try one of our other wig-securing advice if you find this happening.

Wig Cap 

It's crucial to get your natural hair as straight as you can when wearing wigs because bumpy wigs might look odd. Wearing a wig cap is one method to get that unit to lie flat. Wigs already have a cap to which the hair is connected, but wearing a second cap can assist you to figure out how to keep a wig secure while yet looking real.

You can choose between two cap styles:

Mesh Cap: Long hair perks, slippage prevention, and scalp air for sensitive skin.

Nylon Cap: Provides hair security, stops slippage, and keeps the wig unit clean. To match your hair and keep your human hair wig looking real, both types of caps come in several hues.


Adhesives are the answer if you want a wig that won't move. Wig tape and glue offer long-term support that can last for a week or perhaps more! Of course, employing glue or tape has some disadvantages, such as difficult adhesive removal and potential harm to the hair and scalp. When using them, exercise caution and always test a small area of skin to see if you are allergic. The adhesive may be quite helpful for women who want that extra stability or if you have little hair and want to know how to keep a wig on.

Here are some tips on how to use glue or tape:

  • Cleaning the skin with alcohol will prepare the area where adhesive will be applied.
  • Apply scalp protection before gluing.
  • To apply the adhesive without getting it on your fingers, use a brush. Add more security by using bobby pins.
  • Got2Be gel is a terrific alternative to glue if you'd rather not use it to secure your wig and it can be easily removed with water when you're ready to take it off.

Pick a Nice Wig ➎

There are more factors involved in wig security than just the instruments and adhesives. Your choice of wig is important as well. Take a look at our wigs! Some of them have already clips on, and the ones that do not can be easily styled to do so!

And that's it! ♡


You are ready to customize your wig clips for a steady wig and a long happy convention. I hope this helps and see you next Monday! 

Hope you have a great week!


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