✂ How To Turn A Synthetic Wig Into A Topper ✂

✂ How To Turn A Synthetic Wig Into A Topper ✂

 Now What We Promised Last Week ☄

You got an amazing wig but are missing a little bit of volume for your character? Then it is time to turn that old extra wig into a hair topper. Here's how to create it in simple steps.

However, I haven't tried it myself, as usual, but for those of you who are craftier than I am and prefer toppers to full wigs - but find it difficult to obtain them - this could be a solution to your lack of options, as it should work for just about any wig!


✦ Wig or ¾ Topper
✦ Sharp Scissors https://amzn.to/3DFS9AD
✦ Cotton https://amzn.to/3sYhVen
✦ Needle https://amzn.to/3UtY5Ub
✦ Clips (Optional) https://amzn.to/3DzP8BT

Choose Between a Wig or a ¾ Topper ➊

This decision is going to depend on what you have available and if you want or not to buy.

First, you need to find a wig that matches the color of your hair or the wig you are intending to use.

Then, you have the option to buy a  ¾ Topper or to buy another synthetic wig (if you don't have one already in your stash ready for recycling). 


To get the proper measurements for the new topper, measure your head or another topper. If you have a wig and have never worn a topper, measure the thin parts of your head.
★ Measurement Tape: https://amzn.to/3TmkEJz

If you use your natural hair, you can make it a little fluffy in front of your topper. Then you place 1 inch beyond your hairline. Take that inch into account when measuring.

It's also fine to wear your toppers all the way down to your hairline. The majority of toppers go somewhat past the back of the crown.

➌ Cut 

After measuring your wig correctly. Cut the vertical bands right below the last/bottom weft for the length of the topper using sharp scissors. If you cut through the wefts, they will unravel. Make sure to start at the ear tab until you reach the ear tab on the other side.

WARNING! On the sides with solid fabric, flip the piece over and part the hair where you intend to cut. If you simply cut through the fabric, you will cut through the hair on the opposite side.

Gently cut the fabric with the scissors on the divided region. Again, do not cut through the hair as this will result in short stubble.

If you unintentionally cut through a weft, simply put it back together with a small needle and thread. With needle and thread, sew 4 large hairpiece clips equally around the piece.

Finish Touches 

Because there is no exterior band to keep the base tight, this will assist maintain it robust.

Trim the lace front's side corners so that they are curved rather than pointed. If your piece is still too big, simply trim another weft or two, add clips, and try it on again.

➎ Extra: Add Clip-on Hairpiece Extensions or Clip-on Weft Extensions 

You can also use this piece as a clip-in hairpiece for the back of your hair by attaching 10-14 clips to it. You can also cut the wefts apart and produce clip-in hair extensions if you wish.

They'd make wonderful extensions or you could sew them together to make a Halo hairpiece. You don't have to throw away the back section of the synthetic wig you cut!

And that's it! ♡

This guide could be a simple way to get started with toppers and extensions. I hope this helps and see you next Monday! 

Hope you have a great week!


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