☠ Top 5 Things Not To Do To Your Synthetic Wig - Part 1 ☠

☠ Top 5 Things Not To Do To Your Synthetic Wig - Part 1 ☠

✹ We know what to do, now what NOT to do ✹

We have covered in this blog a ton of tips and care that you should do for your synthetic wig. But what about the stuff we should not do? Here are the top five most common mistakes you can make when owning a wig.

Using Heat Tools ➊

You probably know this already! But still, we must say it. The first time I got a synthetic wig I did not know this...Yeah, I did not do my homework before that. So I used my normal hair straightener on it and well. First of all, started smelling pretty bad since I was burning the fibers. And then it started melting. 

So that's what can happen if your wig is not heat resistant and/or real hair. If you want to style it we recommend using anything that has a steam (water and heat) base. You can check out our tutorial on How to Straighten a Synthetic Wig or How to Curl Your Synthetic Wig, to decide safely which style you are looking to make.

➋ Using Real/Human Hair Shampoo or Conditioner 

That makes sense, right? It is HAIR shampoo. Well...no, at least not with synthetic hair. Human hair shampoo contains moisturizers and sulfates, which are not good for the fiber that exists on the wig.

You can find an appropriate shampoo or conditioner on any online market. Or you can also check out our tutorial on How to Wash Your Synthetic Wig. There you are going to find the safest methods to wash it and with stuff, you already have at home! 

➌ Scrub it when you Wash  

On the same topic as before, when you wash your wig you have to be gentle. Once you put the wig in the water with the shampoo or softener, make sure you do not agitate or scrub it. That will make nots that can damage your wig. Or at the end, make it really hard to brush and style.

Wring or Twist 

To dry it you should also be gentle. I know it is exciting to make it faster so you can start wearing it but you should air-dry it first. You can check how to do it in our tutorial previously mention. But you can use a towel, put on the wig and fold it, then press, or you can roll the tower and do the same thing. Then air dries it.

➎ Comb or Brush when Damp 

Like we said before, you must wait for the wig to be completely dry to style it. It is hard to wait, I know! But if you try to brush it when is wet or even damp you are going to damage it. The wet fibers are going to stretch and not come back to their original shape, or even break. That will damage them and also make them impossible to style. 

And that's it! ♡

These are the common mistakes you can make when you buy your first wig. Here you can check only the first five we found to be the more common. But stay tuned for the next ones next Monday! 

Hope you have a great week!


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