☠ Top 5 Things Not To Do To Your Synthetic Wig - Part 2 ☠

☠ Top 5 Things Not To Do To Your Synthetic Wig - Part 2 ☠

☉ We are back with more ANTI-TIPS ☉

We promised last week that we were going to give you more tips on what not to do with your synthetic wig. So here are the last five tips or common mistakes anyone can make when you buy your first synthetic wig!

If you decide to use a foam head, make sure you do not wrap it around it and just hang it on top, to avoid this.

Store it Dirty

You are probably tired after a long day at the Con, and you just want to take everything off and have a nice sleep...I know! But if you just store the wig you worked so hard without removing your scalp oils, maybe glue, or any spray/styling it is going to be stiff and dry. And not only that, the shape might have changed too! Make sure you check out our Methods to Store Your Synthetic Wig to be safe for your next convention.

Beware of Chlorine and Saltwater 

If you decide to do maybe a photoshoot or a party with a wig on, make sure you do not use it or let it touch the water. If it is a pool, the chlorine is going to affect the color and style of your wig. If it is salt water is going to damage the fibers and also the shape. On top of that, it will shorten your wig's durability a lot! 

➍ Long Sun Exposure ➍

Putting your wig in the sun is not a good idea. If you do or need to be in direct sunlight you should take some protection precautions. You can either wear something on top, like a hat or an umbrella. The heat can make your wig lose style and also fade colors.

Too Much Brushing, Washing & Styling 

It is not real hair so if you pull it too much is not going to return! Overdoing any of these actions can shorten the life span of your synthetic wig. You can lose a lot of hair and moisture. If you need you can use your hands or styling clips to keep everything in place to avoid this. So if you limit your washing and styling it can make your wig last longer.

Extra Warning: Forbidden Cooking & Baking ☠

If you are planning to role-play or maybe take a photo shoot in a real kitchen. Be extremely careful about fire or heat sources like professional lights. Synthetic wigs are made of plastic fiber, and as we know, plastic melts fast! Oven heat is a no-go, direct extreme heat to your wig will frizz and damage it.

And that's it! ♡


These are the last five common mistakes that you can make when using, styling, or washing your synthetic wig. If you want you can check out our first list on ☠ Top 5 Things Not To Do To Your Synthetic Wig - Part 1 ☠. Stay tuned for next Monday's Blog! 

Hope you have a great week!


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